Small Cardamom Seasonal Report Synopsis: 2016-2017

Higher temperature and less pre monsoon showers during the flowering season across the main growing belts declined the crop prospects for this season. This is no way to different to Guatemala where the production is expected to decline due to soaring temperatures and 30% less rain.

Table of Content
  • Indian small cardamom production
  • State-wise small cardamom production
  • Factors that have affected small cardamom production in 2016/17
  • Cost of cultivation
  • Small cardamom supply in 2016-17 and impact on the prices
  • Supply and Price movement
  • Present scenario
  • India small cardamom exports
  • Guatemala cardamom
  • Technical Analysis of cardamom markets & Procurement strategy
  • Annexure:
    Cost of cultivation
    Weekly rainfall across the major small cardamom growing region
    Indian cardamom exports to Saudi Arabia & UAE
    Comparison of Indian and Guatemala small cardamom
    Cardamom arrivals across the major spot markets (Aug-Jul)
    Indian small cardamom exports
  • Guatemala small cardamom exports

Table of Content of Seasonal Update
  • Small cardamom supply in 2016-17
  • Arrivals and price pattern
  • Technical Analysis of cardamom markets
  • Table of content of Fortnightly
  • Summary of the last fortnight.
  • Current Market situation across the major growing regions (India & other countries)
  • Arrival & price behavior, fortnightly, monthly and yearly
  • Crop & Weather coverage during season
  • Export scenario Month wise
  • Cardamom price in the international market
  • Technical outlook and procurement strategy

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