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Besan Mill,Bühler’s latest innovation for producing pulse flour.

Bühler offers a new & innovative solution for Besan flour production.In this article we will coverfrom besan products, present supply and demand situation, steps involved in besan manufacturing, besan grades, applications, challenges faced by existing millers and finally cover why Buhler’s solution for besan is best in the market.


Gram dal ( Desi Chickpeas) milling is an important industry supplying flour of gram dal (Besan) to mankind.Flour milling has been known from a very early date. Besan is used for day to day foodproducts in houses of rich and poor for variety of tastes and has several uses across thecountry and throughout the year. It is made from Gram dal and is very popular especially inWestern part of the country. It is used in sweet as well as spicy food and snackspreparations. This project can be set up in many States of India as Gram Dal is cultivatedalmost throughout the country. The preferred locations are Maharashtra and Gujarat.


Gram Flour (Besan) is the most common flour used by the sweet makers, hotels and households for various preparations. Many food items are prepared by addition of spices,sugar etc. It has got fairly long shelf-life.

Demand and Supply

Indians by nature are fond of sweet as well as spicy food and Gram flour which is popularlyknown as “Besan” is an important ingredient in such preparations. It is a versatile productused in many preparations round the year. Apart from individual households, there are someinstitutional bulk consumers like restaurants, other eateries, hostels and canteens, clubs,caterers, etc. It is a very commonly used item in the Indian kitchens and thus enjoyscontinuous market throughout the year. It is being manufactured in several states includingGujarat. Market for thisproduct is growing continuously due to more and more applications, increasing populationand its easy availability.


The process of manufacturing quality besan or gram flour involves four major processes, asexplained below.

Cleaning - Eliminate pebbles, broken grains and other impurities from Gram.

Conditioning - Based on physical properties of gram dal, remove other coloured gramhalves. Water content, if any, should be removed by sun-drying to maintain minimum 12to 14% moisture.

Milling - The gradual milling system should be adopted for milling and operationconsists of breaking, scalping and purification and reduction.

Finishing - Sometimes, finished excellent flour (besan) is mixed to obtain a standardand uniform desired properties, characteristics and colour.

The process is simple compared to wheat, rice, maize milling units.

Besan in India

A whole range of Indian traditional snacks & confectionaries have a common ingredient – Besan, prepared by grinding pulses like Chickpeas & yellow peas into fine flour.

Besan is a high potential market in India with annual production volume of close to 5 mio tons

50% of the aprox. 10 mio tons of desi Chickpeas produced in India goes for grinding into Besan


Besan Grades & Application


Particle size

Typical Application


> 98% passing 75 micron

Soan papri


> 98% passing 100 micron

Dhokla & Baked /steamed products


> 95% passing 100 micron

Same as above


> 95% passing 250 micron

Pakoda, laddoo, boondi & other deep fried snacks

Major Applications:

Extruded Snacks, Deep fried products, Steamed or Baked snacks, Sweets and confectionaries, Multi-Grain processed food

Challenges for Existing Millers :

Low capacity per unit, higher footprint, higher power consumption, difficult sifting operation due to frequent choking – constant attention of labour, difficult and long changeover from one grade to the next. Lack of hygiene control when using cloth filters, consistent quality an issue, series of mills required to get large capacities and high maintenance costs.


Bühler’s solution for Besan

Buhler – a leading solution provider in pulse processing, recently launched their innovative solution based on the above breakthrough technology for producing Besan from different pulses. The main challenge for the Besan producer is to consistently meet the specifications of the buyer and at the same time keep the plant operation efficient and cost effective. Industry specification for Besan are often very stringent and the millers are restricted to use specific milling system for different grades of Besan, as none of the existing technologies for Besan are flexible to deliver all the Besan products. This limitation has been overcome in recent years with introduction of innovative grinding solutions for pulses from Bühler.

One of such modern technologies employs a two stage grinding process with a highly efficient air classification system which could deliver different Besan grades at high capacities and eliminates the need for a mechanical sifter.

The unique advantages of this type of Beam mill are

Upto 5 times the capacity compared to pin mills

Upto 30% power saving

Manpower cost comes down by 50%

Improved yield close to 1%

In addition, following major benefits were observed on this milling system

Online Granulation Control – No Sifters needed

Instant changeover between grades

Upto 5 times lesser Footprint than existing mills

Low maintenance, maximum plant utilization

Automated plant control, no manual handling

Maximum Flexibility – Same line delivers all grades

Lower Moisture loss leads to better yield

Hygienic operation

Bühler Besan Mill

The two stage grinding system combined with air classification provided maximum Flexibility in Operation

A wide range of Particle size distribution can be achieved from the same mill with just a touch in the control system.

Providing maximum flexibility to the miller to meet the desired product specification in his market.

Instant Changeover between grades is possible – completely eliminating manual changing of sieves.

Article from :Mr. Mallikarjuna S,

National Manager – Marketing & Business Development

Buhler India Pvt. Ltd,

# 13D, KIADB Industrial Area, Attibele,

Bangalore – 562107

Tel : 080 – 6770180,

Email :

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