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A huge success for Bühler India : The 100th Paddy Dryer sold.

For the past two and half years Bühler has found a good success with paddy dryers for Rice market in the south asia region. With Techonology transfer from its German subsidiary, Bühler in India has started manufacturing paddy dryers at its plant in Bangalore. We are happy to share our success of having sold the 100th paddy dryer and these dryers largely installed in India, SriLanka and Bangladesh and running 24/7, 365 days successfully.  

Bühler continuous dryers have the following advantages over conventional batch dryers:

Uniform & Gentle Drying happening with every single grain.

Increase in head rice yield by reduction in broken percentage.

Less Consumption of steam/fuel.

Uniform air distribution across the drying chamber.

Pneumatic discharge for maintenance free and self-cleaning effect.

Dust free environment.

Bühler is now focusing on the South Asian Market and strengthening its customer base with its strong drying solutions. In line with this, a recent performance test carried out by an independent third party in Thailand during March and April 2017 showed that Bühler´s solution for paddy drying created up to 10% less brokens than a drying system of a local competitor.

GL_EB_Paddy Dryer_AR_Auto_Bangladesh_low (2)

Image : Buhler Paddy Dryer at customer site

Rice is known to be a difficult to handle cereal and one percent increase in brokens equals a considerable loss in revenue. This is due to the fact that head rice, depending on the type, values up to 50% more than brokens. The above mentioned performance test was carried out by Assist. Professor Jaitip Wanitchang, Ph.D. and Assist. Professor Padungsak Wanitchang, Ph.D. from the Rajamangala University of Technology Tawanok. Their aim was to investigate the rice quality before and after the drying process to assess its impact on the milling quality. To assure an appropriate comparison between the Bühler three pass solution and the competitors five pass solution, they used, amongst other things, the same raw material. Besides the outstanding performance of the Bühler Eco Dry, the study highlights the need for tempering and product temperature control in order to prevent quality losses within the paddy drying process.

Image : Bühler three-pass solution for paddy drying without dedusting

Another important finding was that the Bühler three pass system allows the operator to react on fluctuating incoming product moisture contents by switching to a two pass system in case of moisture contents in the range of 20-22% or lower. The performance test showed that using only two dryers has no negative effect on the milling quality compared to drying with a three pass system but it does save energy and process time.

Now, let´s have a quick look at the head rice yield and savings on broken percentage with a small table and a graphical interpretation. As a base we take the performance of the drying plant in Thailand with 1,000 tonne/day and a practical fragmentation of the rice kernel in white rice, husk and bran. As per the data captured and study made at the customer facility, it is evident that there is a clear 10% difference of broken percentage less with Buhler Drying Solutions on par with Local Drying Solutions which resulted from the study.

Compraison of Buhler Dry solutions Vs Local Drying Solution


Buhler Dryers

Local Dryers


White Rice




Head Rice



10% (Extra HR Yield)




10% (Less Broken%)











Head Rice - Buhler and Local Dryer


Brokens - Buhler and Local Dryer

The full performance report and further information about grain drying systems are available on > Products > Eco Dry > Downloads.


For more details contact : 

Mr. S. Devaraj

Head of Grain Logistics

Buhler India Pvt. Ltd.

# 13D, KIADB Industrial Area, Attibele – 562107, Bangalore.

Email :

Mobile : +91 9845959039


Mr. Vijay Kumar C

Product Manager – Grain Logistics

Buhler India Pvt. Ltd

# 13D, KIADB Industrial Area Attibele – 562107, Bangalore

Email :

Mobile : +91 7760275465



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