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Tea prices fall at Kochi sale

Tea prices fall at Kochi sale

Mon July 09 2018


Tea prices of several varieties declined at Kochi auction due to subdued demand from blenders. Some of the blenders were active on good liquoring varieties in CTC dust and exporters operated with lower limits. The quantity on offer in sale no 27 was 10,52,000 kg.


Demand for orthodox dust barely remained steady and exporters continued to be the mainstay. The quantity on offer was 12,000 kg. In Cochin CTC dust, good varieties fetched Rs 111-147, mediums quoted Rs 75-122 and plain grades stood at Rs 66-79.


In the leaf category, the market for select best Nilgiri brokens and whole leaf in orthodox grades barely remained steady. The quantity on offer was 1,65,500 kg. In CTC leaf, demand for good liquoring teas was steady to firm and sometimes dearer. The quantity on offer was 46,000 kg.


Waterfall (PR) SFD quoted the best prices of Rs148 in dust varieties, while Chamraj Green Tea FOP-SUP came to the top in leaf category, quoting Rs 448.



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