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Climate change Cardamom farmers are planting

13 January 2021


Climate change is hurting cardamom farming. Extreme cold at night, snowfall and scorching heat during the day are the main reasons for cardamom farmers to suffer. . More cardamom in South India

The drought has affected hundreds of acres of cardamom orchards in Udumbanchola. Due to heavy snow and sun, the leaves dry out completely and the canopy dries up and falls to the ground. The stalks and stems and flowers are scorched.


This has put cardamom farmers in a severe crisis. Due to the extreme cold and extreme heat, cardamom is widely grown in the Udumbanchola, Chaturangapara and Paramthodu areas.

Acres of plants have dried up this time of year. The farmers say that lakhs of rupees have been lost. The farmers want the Agriculture Department and the Spices Board to take action to compensate them. The current crop failure in the flood-ravaged plantations has created a major crisis for farmers.




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