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Indonesia imports 24.4 thousand tons of ginger in 2020-2021

01 April 2021


The Agricultural Quarantine Agency (Barantan) of the Ministry of Agriculture noted that Indonesia has imported 24.4 thousand tons of ginger in 2020 and 2021. This number consists of 17,893.6 tons of ginger imported by 79 companies last year and 6,524.2 tons of ginger imported by 46 companies in Indonesia. This year."Meanwhile, our ginger exports in 2020 amounted to 778 tons, and in 2021, we have exported 60 tons," said the Head of Barantan Ali Jamil at Commission IV of the Indonesian Parliament, Wednesday (31/3).However, Ali emphasized that not all imported ginger can enter and be distributed to the market. In 2020, it was recorded that 398.7 tonnes of ginger were rejected. Meanwhile this year, 345.4 tonnes were rejected by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The reason is that some of the ginger root is found in soil and tubers and leaves."This refusal does not lead to the destruction of all of them, but some are re-exported by the importing company," he said.


President Director of PT Mahan Indo Global, Jaiprakash Soni, admitted that he was disadvantaged because of the rejection. He said that 25 tonnes of ginger he imported from India this year had to be destroyed because soil was found."Companies that suffer losses. So I think we are affected by it. Yesterday we contracted with the company that destroyed it, there was already a written contract of IDR 1,300 / kg. One container is approximately 26 tons. After being withdrawn it is weighed again," he said.


Jaiprakash admits that he understands that the ginger that can be imported is clean ginger that does not contain soil. However, due to domestic market demand for ginger which still contains soil, he decided not to wash all ginger imported into Indonesia."Before that, we knew information from Probolinggo that washing ginger does not sell well, it breaks quickly. You can also check, if it's been washed and put in the refrigerator for how many days or weeks, it must be moldy or damaged," he said.Mahan Indo Global itself, explained Jaiprakash, is an exporter that gets ginger from collectors in Probolinggo. However, due to increased demand for ginger in the country last year, the company can no longer export.I don't like imports. But this may also be the government's concern. We have been exporting for 12 years, but last year there were no farmers at all, "he said.





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Thursday, March 18, 2021
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