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End of satisfactory pepper campaign in Spanish region of Murcia

11 September 2019


The pepper season is coming to an end in Murcia, while the harvested volumes in Almeria are increasing. Although the prices paid for bell peppers from Murcia fell in August, auction prices have been very high this season, with averages of more than € 2 per kilo.Prices have dropped towards the end of the season, but overall we are very satisfied with the campaign," says Ángel García Izquierdo, director of the Murcia-based company Soltir.


"In August, bell peppers have been harvested for the processing sector at an average price of € 0.30 to € 0.40 per kilo, which is not bad. This year, Almeria started the season earlier, with a greater volume, since they had also planted earlier. It is normal for the market to prefer the new season's bell peppers to ours, for which the campaign is already ending. Besides, this is also a positive development for us, as it means that Almeria may also end earlier next spring, when Murcia's harvest will be starting," says Ángel García.Pepper prices are currently quite high at the auctions in Almería, especially for the long red Lamuyo peppers. The price for this pepper stands above € 2.05 per kilo, while that of the green Lamuyo pepper exceeds € 1.10 per kilo. Yellow bell peppers cost more than € 1.40 per kilo, while the red are sold for around € 0.85 per kilo and the green for almost € 0.60 per kilo.



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