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Indonesia: The price of translucent dry cardamom is IDR 250 thousand

31 March,2021


Cisarua Village, Cineam District, Tasikmalaya Regency has excellent agricultural potential. One of them is cardamom or better known as Kapol, which is a mainstay commodity for residents in the village.The reason is, the price of fruit from this type of spice plant is currently skyrocketing, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the price of Kapol is increasing day by day.


Mumu Marhamah, one of the Cardamom Farmers / Kapol in Cisarua Village, Tuesday (16/03/2021) said that in one year he has harvested 4 times, and this month is the last harvest."From the harvest last year, we collected approximately 4 tons of cardamom from 600 bricks land," he explained.


Meanwhile, one of the collectors in Cisarua Village, Yayat Sobaryat explained that the current price of cardamom has reached 20 to 25 thousand rupiah per kilogram. Meanwhile, dry cardamom costs 250 to 290 thousand rupiah.


"During the rainy season like this, frankly speaking, it becomes constrained by drying, because there is no sun, so we do it for making openings so that cardamom remains dry even in the rainy season. "Automatically, the expenditure is getting bigger, especially to buy firewood," he said


On the other hand, he hopes that the related government agencies will be able to foster cardamom farmers in Cisarua Village, starting from what kind of cultivation is good, and can also produce good cardamom, "he said. (ABK)




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Thursday, March 18, 2021
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