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Indoneisa:Prices of Garlic and Chili in Solo Rise

20 November 2020


The price of a number of foodstuffs has increased in the traditional markets in Solo. Foodstuffs that have experienced price increases include garlic and various chilies.This price increase was not matched by public demand which is still falling due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Onion trader at Legi Market, Sapitri, said that the price of garlic has risen in the last week. For example, on Thursday (19/11/2020) the price was IDR 25,000 / kilogram from the previous IDR 20,000 / kg."The price has gone up in the past week, sis. Yes, from IDR 20,000 / kg it increases every day to IDR 25,000 / kg now, ”he said, when met with reporters on Thursday.Sapitri explained that garlic, especially the type of kating that is on the market, is new stock, so the price is new. Meanwhile, many old stocks were damaged so that they could not be sold.


According to him, I usually eat 2 quintals of garlic. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, buyers tend to be quiet. In addition, if they usually buy about 5 kg, now it is only 1-2 kg. The customers are mostly food stalls, while not many caterers are open."People's purchasing power has also decreased, so not many people buy here," he added.On the contrary, the price of shallots fell. Previously, the price of shallots was IDR 30,000 / kg to IDR 26,000 / kg.


Another trader, Ngatinem, said the same thing. According to him, the price of garlic has risen this week. Previously, kating garlic cost around IDR 20,000 / kg to IDR 24,000 / kg - IDR 25,000 / kg. Meanwhile, red onions are at IDR 27,000 / kg."If the stock is lacking, not. But, the good stuff is rare. So the price varies depending on the onions, "he said.In addition, the price of chili has also increased. For example, large red chilies from IDR 23,000 / kg to IDR 25,000 / kg - IDR 30,000 / kg, large red chilies of IDR 23,000 / kg, and curly chilies of IDR 30,000 / kg.



Meanwhile, the chili trader, Supriyanto, admitted that the price of curly red chilies has reached more than IDR 30,000 / kg. For large red chilies it is IDR 25,000 / kg, previously it was from IDR 20,000 / kg. Meanwhile, the rawit is IDR 23,000 / kg from IDR 17,000 / kg.So, I also didn't dare to do much. Usually up to 3 quintals, now at most 1 quintal. Yes, the one who bought it was quiet, miss. In addition, because the place is in the emergency market, the places for traders are all different. "In the permanent market, buyers can buy everything, now they have to move places because the traders are scattered," he explained.


From the monitoring of through the Commodity Price and Production Information System (Sihati), Thursday, the price of garlic is IDR 28,666 / kg from the previous IDR 26,000 / kg in early November 2020. The price of shallots is IDR 34,666 / kg from Rp.35,000 / kg, large red chilies Rp.31,000 / kg from Rp.26,000 / kg, large binocular red chilies Rp.29,666 / kg from Rp.26,000 / kg, and red bird's eye chilies Rp.25,000 / kg from Rp.29,000 / kg.




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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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