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Central Sulawesi's Spices Penetrated Export Market, Initially Sending 63.78 Tons to Vietnam and China

08 April 2021


For the first time, Palu's Agricultural Quarantine certified 63.78 tons of spices from Central Sulawesi Province to Vietnam and China.


Commodities from the plantation sub-sector are white pepper, nutmeg and mace (fulli) with an economic value of Rp. 3.7 billion departed through Pantoloan Port, Palu.

The sea transportation used is KM Meratus Batam, then connected to each of them with KM Wanhai to Hao Chi Minh, Vietnam and KM Inferro to China at Palabuhan Tanjung Perak, Surabaya.

Head of the Center for Compliance, Cooperation and Information on the Quarantine, Agricultural Quarantine Agency (Barantan), Junaidi said that one of the biggest contributors was the export of swallow's nest and spices.


In the future, this prime export will be increased so that agriculture in Central Sulawesi will continue to take part in economic development, especially during the pandemic."This is a form of commitment of all agricultural development stakeholders in Central Sulawesi to succeed in increasing agricultural exports," said Junaidi, who was present representing the Head of Barantan when releasing this first export, Monday (29/3/2021)."Apart from being encouraging news, I hope that this achievement will become an impetus for economic recovery efforts both for the people of Central Sulawesi and nationally," he added.Junaidi added that in 2020 the performance of agricultural exports based on the release of BPS data increased by 12.63 percent.


The spices are ready for export by Vietnam and China, Monday (29/3/2021). ( the performance of agricultural exports in January to February 2021 has also increased, reaching 8.81 percent compared to the previous year.



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Thursday, March 18, 2021
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