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North Sulawesi Encourages Expansion of Nutmeg Export Market

12 January 2021


The province of North Sulawesi (Sulut) exported 13 tonnes of nutmeg to Singapore and the Netherlands at the end of 2020 with a value of USD65,300.


The two countries have long been the main export destinations for the commodity nutmeg originating from North Sulawesi.


The Head of Foreign Trade of the Department of Industry and Trade of North Sulawesi, Darwin Muksin, said that his party is also targeting several countries in America and Europe as new markets for nutmeg from its region.


The nutmeg commodity from North Sulawesi has high quality and has been recognized in the international market, so we are sure that we will be able to enter a larger market, "he said as quoted by Antara, Tuesday (12/1/2020).


He explained that apart from Asia, America and Europe are potential markets for nutmeg, so business players need to optimize this opportunity.


According to him, so far North Sulawesi's export figures can be said to be quite good, it's just that the destination countries are still few.


"It needs to be expanded so that there is no dependence, for example if there is turmoil in one export destination country, it can be diverted to another country, so that the industry will continue to run."


He hopes that in the future, export commodities with higher local content can be developed. In addition, efforts will be made to ensure that the exported commodities are processed in Indonesia, no longer exporting raw materials, because this will provide added value.





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