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Indian importer IG International imports organic apples from Wenatchee

Indian importer IG International imports organic apples from Wenatchee

Wed Mar 14 2018


IG International, India’s largest importer and distributor of fresh fruits, imported the first batch of Organic Apples from Wenatchee, United States, through its association with Stemilt Growers, the northwest’s largest grower, packer and shipper of organic apples, pears and cherries.


By adding Organic Apples to its assortment of exotic fruits, IG International aims to cater to the increasing health-conscious consumer base inclined towards organic fruits and vegetables.


Announcing the launch of Organic Apples in the market, Tarun Arora, director, IG International Pvt Ltd, said, “With the launch of Organic Apples, we further emphasise on the importance of healthy eating and want to convey that fruits are the best snacks.”

“Organic fruits have picked interest from fruit lovers in the country and by launching the best of Organic Apples, we have delivered what the consumers want,” he added.


“Our collaboration with Stemilt has been a grand success and enabled us to bring variety of fruits to the consumers in India so far. We value our association with Stemilt and aim to work together with them to bring a diverse variety of fruits to consumers in India,” Arora added. 


William P Young, senior export account manager, Stemilt Growers, said, “Organic Apples is a very popular offering from us and we are proud to bring it to Indian consumers.”


“Like many other countries, India has emerged as a sizable market for organic produce, and we are working towards satisfying the growing demand,” he added.


“We are fortunate to have a partner in IG International that will enable us to take our products to a wider audience in the country,” Young said.


Stemilt’s organic growing practice dates back to 30 years with organic fruits such as apples, pears and cherries under the Stemilt Artisan Organics label.


After bananas, apples are the most consumed fruits in India and a favourite among health and fitness enthusiasts.


The consumption of apples in the country is estimated at 2.24 million metric tonne (MMT) in market year (MY) 2017-18, up from 2.23 MMT the previous year.


India’s consumption of international varieties of apples has also risen considerably over the years.


Now, with organic fruit consumption constituting of 52 per cent of the total organic food products in India, the demand for Organic Apples have also gone up significantly.


Organic farming is an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability, enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity, and excludes the use of synthetic inputs into the farming process.


The system is known for yielding healthier produce and leaving more productive soil for the future crops.


Organic fruits are loved for their consistent sweetness up to the core of the fruit, unlike chemically-ripened fruits.


Organic Apples from IG International will be available at retail outlets across India.



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