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Russian wheat exports up 36

Russian wheat exports up 36.7% on year to 24.5 million mt: Ministry

12 Feb 2018


Russian wheat exports from July 1 to February 7 of the 2017-18 marketing year, were up 36.7% on the year to 24.514 million mt, data from the ministry of agriculture showed Monday. Wheat line-ups each month continue to be fully booked, sources said. The export pace increased in the latest week as ports continue to clear a backlog created by poor weather.


Nonetheless, around 200,000 mt of wheat was expected to be handled in March, delayed from February, at Novorossiisk, according to a source. Russian exporters have also shipped 2.823 million mt of corn in the current marketing year, down 5.7% on the year on delayed loadings and forecasts of a smaller crop.


Barley exports totaled 3.869 million mt, up 90%, supported by higher demand from Turkey as authorities removed import duties.



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