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Ukraine feed wheat sales up as grain exports fall 9% YOY

Ukraine feed wheat sales up as grain exports fall 9% YOY

12 Feb 2018


Ukrainian grain sales have fallen 8.7% year-on-year as lower corn production and increased wheat competition have eaten into its market share in most instances, data published by the Ukrainian customs authority showed Friday.


Total grain exports now stand at 25.2 million mt, compared to 27.6 million mt at the same stage last year.


Wheat exports are 3.8% lower year-on-year at 12.5 million mt, with a marked difference seen in milling and feed wheat sales volumes.


While there was little year-on-year change to Ukrainian production, increased competition with neighbouring Russia and its record-breaking crop has seen sellers struggling to match prices and the pace of exports.


However, feed wheat sales volumes have shot up 12% year-on-year to 5.6 million mt, with a notable increase in sales to Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Spain.


Corn exports have struggled to match the pace of last year’s sales and are down 14.4% at 8.3 million mt.


Lower Ukrainian production has seen available volumes drop 14% year-on-year, putting pressure on prices and leaving sellers struggling to compete with other major producers’ origination prices and freight costs to buyers.


Barley exports are also down year-on-year, falling 13.3% to 3.9 million mt.


Oilseed exports are up on last year, however, with soybean sales coming in at 1.9 million mt – 11.8% higher than at the same stage last year – while rapeseed exports are more than double at 2 million mt.



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