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EU importers snap up entire Ukraine wheat, maize import quotas

EU importers snap up entire Ukraine wheat, maize import quotas

Thu Jan 11 2018


The European Union has awarded all of the duty-free Ukrainian wheat and maize imports available for 2018 after bids from importers far exceeded the volumes on offer, official data showed on Thursday.


In the first bidding round for this year’s quotas, the EU awarded all of the 1.035 million tons of Ukrainian wheat and 1.125 million tons of Ukrainian maize on offer in 2018.


The strong demand meant that each bidder would only receive between 1.8 and 2.7 percent of the amount they had requested, the data showed.


The bloc also awarded the entire volume of 138,994 tons of any-origin maize imports available for first half of 2018 under a separate duty-free quota, the data showed.


The any-origin maize quota was also overbid, with importers to receive 1.7 percent of volumes sought.


The EU also awarded smaller amounts of grain imports under other reduced-tariff quotas.


This included nearly 16,000 tons of duty-free Ukrainian barley, out of a total 615,000 tons on offer this year, and about 36,000 tons of reduced-tariff wheat imports of any origin except the United States and Canada, the data showed.



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