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What the 2018 winter wheat varieties offer growers

Thu July 12 2018


Most of the newly recommended winter wheat varieties for this coming autumn have more yield to offer, but that’s considered unlikely to be enough to tempt growers to make sweeping changes.


After last year’s lodging experiences and harvest delays, there is just as much attention being given to straw strength and grain quality as variety choices are made, with growers seeking consistency and end-user appeal.


Greater scrutiny of disease resistance ratings and untreated yields is also being reported – as the fungicide armoury continues to be eroded and the resistance threat remains.


That’s been reinforced by varieties with identical ratings showing different levels of disease in the field.


So which varieties should wheat growers look to so they can enjoy these extra benefits?


Variety picks  

For market appeal

For insurance

For excitement

  • Crusoe (Group 1)
  • Skyfall (Group 1)
  • Zyatt (Group 1)
  • Elicit (Group 3)
  • Basset (Group 3)
  • Costello (Group 4 hard)
  • Siskin (Group 2)
  • Revelation (Group 4 soft)
  • Graham (Group 4 hard)
  • Gravity (Group 1)
  • Gleam (Group 4 hard)
  • Elation (Group 4 soft)
  • Skyscraper (soft feed)




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