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Investors showed interest in Gold ETF this year

13 July 2020


During the first half of this year (January-June 2020), more than Rs 3,500 crore has been invested in Gold Exchange Traded Fund (Gold ETF). The Association of Mutual Funds India (AMFI) has given this information in its latest data. According to the association, investors had withdrawn Rs 160 crore from Gold ETF in the same period last year. Since August last year, the trend of investors in Gold ETF is increasing. Since then, investors have invested Rs 3,723 crore in it.According to EMPHY, in the first half of this year, investors invested a net Rs 3,530 crore in Gold ETF. The maximum investment of Rs 1,483 crore was made in February and Rs 815 crore in May this year. Investors invested Rs 731 crore in Gold ETF, Rs 494 crore in June and Rs 202 crore in January.


However, after a large investment in February, investors booked profit in March and Rs 195 crore was withdrawn. Overall, in 5 months of the half-year, investors made Gold ETF a place of a safe investment. Due to this increased investment, the Asset Under Management (AUM) of Gold Funds has increased to Rs 10,857 crore at the end of June this year.At the end of June last year it was just Rs 4,930 crore. Regarding the growing interest in this instrument of Invest, Himanshu Srivastava, Senior Research Analyst (Manager Research), Morningstar Investment Advisor India, said that as the corona cases grew, the volatility in the stock markets increased. Investors started looking for a safe place to invest and they increased the capital investment in Gold ETF.



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