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EFSA publishes food data analysis following fipronil detection in eggs

EFSA publishes food data analysis following fipronil detection in eggs

Tue May 08 2018


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published its analysis of food data collected following the widespread detection of fipronil residues in eggs last summer.


Member states submitted to EFSA the results of over 5,000 samples of eggs and chicken collected between September 1 and November 30, 2017.


The samples were analysed for fipronil and other active substances specified by the European Commission. The analysis showed that 742 of the samples contained residues in quantities exceeding legal limits, almost all related to fipronil.


The majority of exceedances were found in suspect samples – those derived from products or producers where illegal use was known or assumed.


Products with exceedances of legal limits originated from eight member states – the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Slovenia and Greece.


The food products affected were mainly unprocessed chicken eggs and fat of laying hens. Some exceedances were reported for muscle of laying hens and egg powder.


The report has been shared with risk managers at the EU and member state level.



The detection of fipronil residues in eggs by Belgian authorities in July 2017 led to millions of eggs being withdrawn from the market in the European Union (EU). The contamination was caused by the illegal use of non-approved veterinary medicinal products in poultry farms.



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