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Burkina Faso scales down 2017-18 cotton output estimate

Burkina Faso scales down 2017-18 cotton output estimate

Wed Nov 15 2017


Burkina Faso, one of Africa’s top cotton growers, has revised its 2017-18 cotton production to 563,000 tons, down from earlier estimate of 650,000 tons. The downward projection of cotton harvest this season is due to insufficient rains during the sowing period, along with pest invasion, according to the Société burkinabè des fibres textiles (SOFITEX).


The revised estimate is 17.5 per cent lower than the country’s previous season’s output of 683,000 tons.


This will be the second consecutive year when Burkina Faso would miss its initial cotton production target. Last season, too, the country missed its target of 700,000 tons due to less rainfall.


However, the 2016-17 production of 683,000 tons was around 17 per cent more than the 586,000 tons harvested in 2015-2016.


Cotton is the second largest export item for Burkina Faso. It accounts for around 15 per cent revenue to the country’s foreign exchange, and employs about four million people.



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