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Cambodia Defers Rice Exports to Bangladesh

Cambodia Defers Rice Exports to Bangladesh

Nov 13, 2017


Cambodia deferred the export of around 250,000 tons to Bangladesh as the two governments failed to finalize terms and conditions of the shipments, reports The Phnompenh Post. “Because the terms of the deal and the payment conditions could not be agreed upon by both Cambodia and Bangladesh, scheduled rice deliveries have been cancelled. We will discuss this again in a later meeting,” the vice-president of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) was quoted.


The Commerce Ministry Spokesperson stated that the framework of the deal remains in place, and the Ministry is still negotiating terms with Bangladesh. The state run company Green Trade, which is in charge of managing the deal, would shortly renegotiate with the Bangladesh officials.

However, some exporters noted that millers do not have adequate stocks to meet Bangladesh's export demand.


“Logistically, rice storage in Cambodia is still limited, so it’s an obstacle for us to reach the 250,000-ton goal which we have promised Bangladesh. Even if we’ve already agreed on a price, it is still possible for this deal to fall through if we can’t agree on the terms of supply, quality control and payment,” and exporter was quoted.


The Undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture noted that the deal should be handed over to the private sector for its effective implementation. “The government is handling the deal, but they should give the job to the private sector, because the private sector knows well how much rice is in stock and knows how to work efficiently," he was quoted. In August, Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the export of 250,000 tons of rice to Bangladesh with the shipments scheduled to begin in November 2017.



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