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Farmers start canola and wheat harvest on the Breeza Plains | Video

Farmers start canola and wheat harvest on the Breeza Plains | Video

November 14, 2017


Headers are humming on the Breeza Plains as farmers harvest canola and wheat.


On Breeza Station, 200 hectares of canola and about 1000 hectares of bread and durum wheat are being harvested over the next few weeks.


Owner Andrew Pursehouse said the focus this week is bread wheat and next week will be durum wheat.



Canola harvest at Breeza Station. “The wheat's early,” he said. “We're normally the third week of November. “Drier weather brought it in quicker.” The farmer said the bread wheat was sown in the first week of May and coped better in the dry season. “The bread wheat is shielding much better than we thought,” he said. “It's handling it very well. [It’s] a new long-season variety, Lancer.” “The bread wheat is yielding above our budget.”


Mr Pursehouse said the durum wheat was sown in June and would probably see “average yields”. “It was sown a month later and hasn't handled the dry as well at all,” he said. Towards the end of November, the chickpea harvest will begin and continue into December. The farmer said the summer crops of sorghum, corn and cotton were doing well so far.



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