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Ahmedabad to host maiden SEA–AICOSCA Cottonseed Oil Conclave on Dec 16

Ahmedabad to host maiden SEA–AICOSCA Cottonseed Oil Conclave on Dec 16

Mon Nov 13 2017


The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) and the All India Cottonseed Crushers’ Association (AICOSCA) will organise the first essay of the Cottonseed Oil Conclave, which is slated to take place at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad, on December 16, 2017, and will focus on cottonseed oil, cake and meal.


This year, the kharif crop acreage under cotton has sharply increased from 10.26 million hectare to 12.17 million hectare, raising the hope for a record crop of cotton to the tune of 38-40 million bales (170kg per bale). Cottonseed forms two-third of cotton by weight.


The current production of cottonseed oil in the country is about 13 lakh tonne, next to rapeseed and soybean oil.


Gujarat is a major consuming state, consuming nearly five lakh tonne of cottonseed oil as direct cooking oil, due to its unique frying  property.


However, in other states, cottonseed oil is not very popular as a household cooking oil and mainly used by bulk consumers like the food industry as well as hotels, restaurants and canteens for the purpose of frying.


Cottonseed oil, praised for being low in trans-fat, is often used as a cooking oil, because it can help to bring out the flavour of the food rather than masking them.


It is known to help in checking high cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, gout, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and a few cancers, inflammatory conditions, wounds, cuts, scrapes and skin conditions.


Cottonseed oil also helps speedy healing, improves cognitive health, prevents prostate cancer, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.


Fried food prepared in cotton seed oil, regarded as one of the best oils for the purpose, remains fresh for three to four weeks without turning rancid, while that prepared using other oils turns rancid much earlier.


To highlight the best frying property and the virtues of cottonseed oil, SEA and AICOSCA will organise the conclave in Ahmedabad to create public awareness.


The conclave, which is expected to be attended by 300 delegates from all over India, will also focus on the scientific processing of cottonseed and the nutritional value and better usage of cottonseed cake or meal in cattle feed to achieve the high productively of milk.


The organisers have invited  speakers from the cotton and cottonseed fraternity and scientists to address the delegates.


The conclave programme will also include panel discussions on promotion of cottonseed oil as  good cooking oil and price outlook for cottonseed oil, cake and meal.



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