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hin activities in edible oils

Thin activities in edible oils

AUGUST 9 2018


Activities in edible oils market remained thin due to bandh and weak futures markets. During the day hardly 80-100 tonnes palmolein resold at 664-667. Liberty: Palmolein ex Jnpt 685 for 25 August and Ex STC 685 for 25 August. Allana: Palmolein ex Khopoli 680 for August. Palmolein ex JNPT 666 for August and ex STC 668 for 25August. At Rajkot: groundnut oil Telia Tin increased by 20 to 1,470 (1,450) and Loose (10 kg) up by 15 to 925 (910).



Technical Research
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
CBOTSoy OilDec1829.829.8829.5729.66
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