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Pay Rs 50kg For Onions

Pay Rs 50kg For Onions

Fri Nov 03 2017


Onion prices have surged again in Maharashtra due to depleting stocks after declining by 25% last week following government pressure. However, prices have slightly cooled down in Delhi as it is getting new onion crop from Rajasthan. Retail customers still shell out . 50-60kg in most metro cities. Traders say it is shortage of the bulb and not speculation at play this time and prices are expected to cool down by mid-December.“Prices have increased in Maharashtra because old stock is getting over fast, while the new crop coming to the market is not of good quality,“ said Ajit Shah, president, Onion Exporters Association of India.


After hitting a month's high of . 29kg in October, average whole ` 22kg last sale prices declined to  week as the government initiated various measures.


Traders said the government had called and “asked“ them to keep prices stable. However, whole sale prices at the benchmark Lasalgaon APMC hit ` 30kg on Thursday.


Jayadatta Holkar, chairman, Lasalgaon APMC, said prices were rising due to depleting stocks. In Delhi, wholesale prices are lower as they have started getting 60 trucks of new crop from Rajasthan daily.


“The Rajasthan crop has helped to slightly cool down prices. But even the Rajasthan crop is smaller this year as farmers have shifted to cotton,“ said Surinder Bhuddhiraja, president, Onion Traders Association of the Azadpur APMC in Delhi. Arrival of new crop from Maharashtra and Gujarat will increase from the second half of November.



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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
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