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Maharashtra rainfall leads to soaring onion prices in Odisha

Maharashtra rainfall leads to soaring onion prices in Odisha

Wed Jan 10 2018


Food and Supplies Minister Surya Narayan Patro explained last Monday how damage to onion crops in Maharashtra -due to excessive rainfall- have led to a gigantic upsurge of onion prices in Odisha market.


The average onion requirements of the state are about 70 to 80 thousand tons a month. The state however produces only 8 to 10 thousand tons, which makes it highly dependent on Maharashtra’s Nasik and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh to meet the needs. Production and prices of onions in these two states therefore always have a direct impact on the Odisha market, and currently there is a fall in supply from both the states.


An article made clear how officials have been directed to keep a close tab on the situation and to be on the lookout for traders hoarding the commodity.



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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
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