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High yield onions grown from night soil manure: ICAR

High yield onions grown from night soil manure: ICAR

Mon May 14 2018


An experiment by scientists at the Pune chapter of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has found that manure extracted from night soil leads to high yield among onion crops as compared to that of chemical fertilisers or other manures.


The research has enthused the tribal development department of Maharashtra that is now planning to get companies in the state that would collect this manure and sell it to the farmers.


The manure was applied on a six square metre plot and bulbs of the ‘Bhima Shakti’ variety of onion planted.


In a similar size plot they used the cow dung manure while in another a mixture of the night soil manure, chemical fertilisers and cow dung manure was used. In yet another just chemical fertilisers were used.


“We have found that the bulb was bigger and of better quality and also weighed more, for instance the onions from the night soil manure plot weighted 26 kg, whereas the onions on which chemical manure was used weighed at 24 kg,” said Amar Jeet Gupta, principal scientist-horticulture, ICAR-Pune.


He said more tests would be needed to see if it can be used for food produced for humans, to check for presence of heavy metals, transmission of human diseases and virsuses.


Consultant for the Unicef in Maharashtra, Jayant Deshpande said that there is no reason to be worried as research has shown that manure procured from night soil is not harmful.


Ayush Prasad, assistant collector, Pune, said once the final tests are received, the department will get in touch with companies and support self help groups that would collect the manure from twin pits and then would package them and sell it to farmers at nominal rates.



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Monday, January 21, 2019
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