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Pulses: AUS farmers assess frost damage to pea crops

Pulses: AUS farmers assess frost damage to pea crops

January 4, 2018


Pea crops in the South Australian region of Riverland continue to grapple with the after-effects of frost damage. According to a report on, some plants saw limited growth due to the cold temperatures this season. One farmer said he thought his field would yield two tonnes per hectare but the frost lowered that result to somewhere between zero to 200 kilograms per hectare.Frozen peas are expected to rise in market size by 2023. A new report by the private firm Research and Markets says the frozen vegetable market will hit US$34.5 billion by 2023.


The cost of food has risen throughout Pakistan recently. However, an article on suggests a decrease in the value of the rupee is largely to blame for the problem. The article noted that shopkeepers in Karachi had raised prices for mung beans, chickpeas and masoor pulses by as much as 10 per cent or more.On the Canadian Prairies, Laird #2 lentils rose 2.5 cents and are now going for 27 to 32.5 cents per pound, according to the latest information from the Prairie Ag Hot Wire.Richlea #2 lentils dipped two cents and are priced at 22 to 28 cents per pound.Yellow peas were holding firm in a range of C$5.75 to C$7.00 a bushel.Cranberry beans were priced at 37.5 to 48 cents per pound.




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