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Pulses go off the boil on poor offtake, higher inflow

Wed July 01 2020


Weak demand and rising arrivals dragged pulse seeds and pulses in Indore mandis. As most of the sowing in soyabean has been completed, the arrival of pulse seeds has again gathered momentum, however, amidst adequate availability demand has declined, leading to fall in its prices, said a pulse trader Devendra Sisodia.


On Wednesday, moong (bold) declined to ₹6,300-6,400, while moong (average) ruled at ₹4,500-5,500 a quintal. Moong dal (medium) was at ₹7,800-8,000 a quintal, moong dal (bold) at ₹8,200-8,400, while moong dal (mongar) was quoted at ₹8,800-9,200. Weak demand also dragged urad at ₹6,200-6,400 a quintal (down by ₹200 from last week). Urad dal (medium) fetched ₹7,800-8,000, urad dal (bold) at ₹8,200-8,400, while urad dal mongar ruled at ₹8,800-9,600 a quintal, respectively.


Weak demand also dragged tur and its dal with tur (Maharashtra) today declining to ₹5,800 a quintal, tur (Nimari) at ₹4,800-5,400, while tur (Karnataka) declined to ₹5,900 a quintal, respectively. Tur dal (sawa no.) fetched ₹7,900-8,100, tur dal (full) at ₹8,200-8,400, while tur dal marka ruled at ₹8,500-8,800 a quintal, respectively.


Source: Hindu business line.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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