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Nafed to undertake ‘good procurement’ of chana

Thu Feb 13 2020


As chana prices rule below the minimum support price level by about 14 per cent, National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (Nafed) is gearing up for a good procurement of chana as prices, said SK Singh, additional marketing director, Nafed.


“Procuring chana will be a challenge and we have geared for it,” said Singh, while speaking at the Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA)


Nafed had procured 68 lakh tonnes of pulses during past three years as India faced its acute pulses shortages in 2015-16.


Presently, Nafed holds total stocks of 34.5 lakh tonnes of all the pulses of which about 19 lakh tonnes are of chana. Nafed was criticised for offloading chana when market prices are ruling much below the MSP and next harvest is about to hit the markets.


In the previous year, Nafed had procured close to 24 per cent of the chana production of India and was called the biggest hoarder of the commodity.


“Nafed has also started procurement of tur in Karnataka and plans to procure in Maharashtra. There was not much procurement of green gram and head,” said Singh.



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Friday, February 21, 2020
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