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Decline in Arrivals of chilli bags: Stability in rate

02 March 2021


On March 01, the local agri-market market saw 1.82 thousand bags of chilli, which had declined by a stability in prices. About 1.60 thousand bags of chilli bags arrived at the Byadgi agro product market on February 26. Sixteen thousand bags of chilli were on Monday, decline compared to last month.


Premature rainfall has caused a slight drop in the Arrivals, which has already required more than two lakh chillies on the market three times. Even on Monday, 2 lakh chilli bags were expected.


Monday's Market Rate: A total of 1.82.031 chilli bags are available for the Badagi Agro Products Market. Badgie Stuff sold at a minimum of 1089 per quintal, maximum 24410 model 11279, canned breed at least 1909 for maximum 61.11 average for 14800 and Guntur breed for minimum 700 maximum



Technical Research
Thursday, March 18, 2021
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