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Srilanka: Clove farmers suffer due to lack of proper prices

02 March 2021


Cloves have a special place among the spices that bring in high foreign exchange to the country.

However, due to the lack of a proper price for cloves, these farmers have been forced to abandon their cultivation. The Department of Export Agriculture states that during the past year when the Kovid epidemic was raging all over the world, Sri Lanka earned more revenue from the export of spices than in previous years.


Accordingly, clove farmers in the Kandy District also obtained their cultivations. However, it is reported that the current price of earrings has come down. Farmers say that the price is at a loss compared to the cost of cultivating cloves. In the face of this situation many farmers have given up cultivating cloves. The farmers are requesting the relevant authorities to look into the problem of the clove farmers who provide more foreign exchange to the country and provide a proper solution.


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Technical Research
Thursday, March 18, 2021
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