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WPB Week #15/18, 09 April -13 April 2018

WPB Week #15/18, 09 April -13 April 2018

Fri Apr 13 2018


Declining price trend taken place in the last few months seems to have been halted. Except India, pepper price at other origins have been slowly moving up. In Viet Nam, pepper harvest has almost completed, but farmers were not eagerly selling their material, expecting to have better price. They sell little by little just to meet immediate needs. On the other side, global activity has increased. As a result, pepper price in Viet Nam has gradually shown an increasing trend. In HCM City, local price increased by around 5% and for FOB price increased marginally. Marginal increases were also recorded in Lampung for black and China for white pepper; while in Sarawak and Sri Lanka the prices were relatively stable.




During January - February 2018 Brazil has exported 12,210 Mt valued at US$41.8 million as against 7,360 Mt in the same period last year. In quantity the export showed a significant increase by 4,850 Mt (66%). The export increase in the first two months was possible supported by sufficient stock carried out from last year harvest. In February however, the export decreased by 1,000 Mt (15%), although pepper harvest in Espirito Santo was on the full swing. This indicated output of this year harvest may not as good expected earlier.


The United States of America was the main market for Brazilian pepper absorbing 25%, followed by Morocco 19%. These two countries emerged as the top important destinations for Brazilian pepper in the first two months, replacing Germany used to be the main market to the third position (14%). France, Mexico and Viet Nam also imported significant quantity absorbing 6-7% each.



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Monday, January 21, 2019
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