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WPB Week #19/18, 07 May -11 May 2018

WPB Week #19/18, 07 May -11 May 2018

Fri May 11 2018


Pepper price has slid lower this week, with limited activity. Low overseas demand was the main factor for the situation. In Viet Nam pepper price decreased by 7% locally and in Sarawak decreased by 4%. A marginal decrease was also reported in Kochi. In Indonesia and Sri Lanka the prices were relatively stable. In dollar terms however, price in Indonesia decrease; while in Sri Lanka increased marginally.


In Indonesia pepper harvest is expected to begin in July/August. Total output from this year crop season is expected to be more or less same with slightly better, particularly from new producing areas in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. From west Kalimantan even reported that output from July harvest this year is estimated to be lower. Too many rains in addition to less investment due to very low prevailing price are the main factor for the decrease.


Price in Brazil also decreased to $3,000/3,050 for asta black 560 GL sun dried FOB Vitoria and for machine dried was $ 2,950 per Mt.




China is one of pepper producing countries, particularly in Hainan, the southernmost province in China. Some sources estimated around 30,000 Mt of pepper is produced annually in this province, mostly white pepper. Due to increased internal demand, China also imports significant quantity mainly from Viet Nam. Import of pepper into China increased, while for export has decreased.


Export of pepper from China decrease year by year as shown in table and chart below. In the case of import, it has shown an increasing trend. From the year 2012, China has become net importing countries, where volume of import has more than export. Malaysia and Indonesia were the main source of whole pepper for China; while ground pepper was imported mainly from India. Some source reported that in addition to pepper imported from the above sources, China also entered a significant quantity of pepper by land from Viet Nam. However, no figures were recorded for this. Official figures on export and import of pepper by China is given below.



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