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WPB Week #45/17, 06 November -10 November 2017

WPB Week #45/17, 06 November -10 November 2017

Sat Nov 11 2017



The market remained quiet during the week. Trading was reported limited due to continuation of low price in main producing countries. In India, pepper price decreased marginally by 1%. In Sarawak, local price in this source decreased by 8% both for black and white pepper. In Lampung and Sri Lanka, average price of black pepper prevailed at main growing areas was reported stable. In Bangka, the local price of white pepper increased by 5%.


Royal Golden Trading reported that price for Brazilian pepper were $3,550 per Mt for Basta, B1 $3,450 and B2 $3,400. In Viet Nam the market was reported to slightly higher than previous week. Farmer prices (raw pepper) were at around VND 78,500/kg while FOB prices in HCMC US$/Mt reported by Namagro as follow:



During 2016 Japan imported 8,700 Mt of pepper, comprising of 5,100 Mt of whole pepper and 3,600 Mt of ground pepper, as against 9,100 Mt (5,300 Mt of whole and 3,800 Mt of ground pepper) imported during the year 2015. During January – September 2017, total import of pepper into Japan was 5,900 Mt (3,400 Mt of whole and 2,500 Mt of ground pepper). When compared to import of 6,500 Mt in the same period last year, a decrease of around 9% was recorded. Malaysia remained the most important source of pepper for Japan. Around 40% of pepper imported into Japan was from Malaysia. Indonesia supplied 32%; while Vietnam and India supplied 18% and 9% respectively.



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Tuesday, December 04, 2018
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