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Turmeric sales up as price drops

Turmeric sales up as price drops

JUNE 13 2018


The price of turmeric has decreased and the sale of turmeric increased on Wednesday. Buyers, quoting the lower price for both varieties of turmeric, purchased a good number of bags for their local demand said Krishnamurthy, a trader. At the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association Sales yard, finger turmeric sold at 5,703-8,369 a quintal, while the root variety sold at 5,098-7,527. At the Regulated Marketing Committee, finger turmeric sold at 6,6859-8,369, and the root variety at 6,291-7,403. At the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society, finger turmeric sold at 7,269-8,199, while the root variety sold at 6,629-7,689.



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