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Small cardamom loses aroma on slack demand

Small cardamom loses aroma on slack demand

APRIL 16 2018


Small cardamom prices slipped on Monday on bearish market sentiments. Rains in most of the growing regions last week coupled with reports of return of some cardamom consignments on contamination concerns have changed the market sentiments pushing the prices down today and last week, according to sources.


Added to this, the arrivals have shown an upsurge in recent days as the prices were ruling at moderately good levels previously, PC Punnoose, General Manager, CPMC, told BusinessLine.


These factors have resulted in a price decline and buyers — both domestic and export — have slowed down in anticipation of a further fall, he said. Meanwhile, poor quality of the capsules arriving in the open market has dragged down the prices in the Bodinayakannur markets. However, bold cardamom with good colour was fetching moderate prices, Ranganathan, a dealer said.


He said the prices of inferior quality material dropped by 10 a kg today, while the prices of good quality material remained steady. He said at the auction in Bodi today conducted by the Cardamom Planters Association (CPA)-Santhanpara, 25 tonnes arrived and of these around 21 tonnes of cardamom were traded.


The maximum price stood at 1,148 a kg, while the auction average slipped to 890.91 from 919.07 the previous Monday. Harvesting is almost over and what ever material arriving, at present, is from the stock held by the growers/traders.


Total arrivals last week increased to 512 tonnes from 469 tonnes the previous week. The individual auction average has fallen to 936.86 a kg from 962.08 the previous week and was vacillating between 920 and 962 a kg. Total arrivals during the current season as on April 12 were at 21,971 tonnes and sales were at 21,290 tonnes. The individual auction average of the season was at 961.28 a kg. Prices of graded varieties (/kg): 8mm green bold 1,200-1,280; 7-8 mm: 940-1,020; 6-7 mm 900. Good colour bulk was being traded at 950-975 a kg.




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